Sarayu Foundation protects, preserves and promotes its indigenous traditions, cultures and values.


Sarayu Foundation Trust

Bharata is the crucible of science, medicine, mathematics and a home to many native religions which has been the lighthouse for the human civilization from it's conception often addressed as Punyabhumi, Devbhumi and Aryavarta by the seers who showed the path to achieving human excellence. Sarayu envisions the rise of a civilizational Bharata nation-state that protects, preserves and promotes its indigenous traditions, cultures and values.

What We Do

The Sarayu Foundation Trust took its fledgling steps at the turn of this millennium as a small initiative with the intention of giving back to society in a meaningful way. For over a decade, we have reached out to children from lower economic backgrounds by providing them with Non-Formal Education in the after-school hours, to enable them to truly understand, apply whatever they learnt in their mainstream schools in real life. Our current projects are targeted towards rejuvenating the Indic Culture and Schools of Thought, impacting public discourse on Indian History and Civilization in the minds of Indians with respect to their own history and heritage.

Documentation & Research

Sarayu Trust is determined to conduct research, document and support building Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS)

Social & Cultural Interventions

Bringing about positive changes in the lives of many more children through Non-Formal Education, Sarayu Trust is also involved in making a positive impact by supporting Forest & Water Conservation, Skill development in Urban, Rural and Tribal Bharat.

Financial Support

Financially supporting Organisations & Individuals engaged in civilisational interventions such as Setting up of Gurukulas & Vidyalayas, Public policy platforms, Restoration of ancient temples and construction of new temples in order to preserve Bharat.


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