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India. An idea. A philosophy. A tradition. A civilization. A conscio- usness. A moment Read More

Sarayu Trust started out at the turn of this millenium with running a few nonformal after-schools, Read More

Generations of Indians have unwittingly suffered ignominy and degradation due to the, Read More

Read the Activity reports of Sarayu Trust Yearwise. These reports list all projects that are running Read More

This letter petition campaign is meant to address following authorities.

1) National Commission for protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). 2) Amnesty India. 3) Human Rights Watch. 4) UNICEF India.

Click Here to read the content of this letter petition and sign-in to become an active participant of this campaign.

Send Us Suggestions Of Topics For Our Future Letter Petitions.

Sarayu Projects

Projects Supported By Sarayu Trust

Freeing Temples from Govt Control

It is no coincidence that in India, among all the vario- us places of worship and

Abhedya Education Welfare Society

A desire to bridge the divide between Urban and Rural India to make India resurg-

Aarohan Learning Centre

Aarohan Learning Centre is a Delhi based non-profit dedicated to empowering those from lesser privilege

Sakaar Sewa Samiti

Sakaar Sewa Samiti has taken upon itself the monumental mission of cleaning the Ganga Ghats at

Indic Collective Trust

Indic Collective Trust is a Chennai based registered trust of lawyers, intellectu- als and activists committed

Impact Stories

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Sarayu Trust is now poised for a bigger role in reshaping the Indic narrative by expanding its footprint, by taking on newer projects and by extending its reach to more cities in India. We at Sarayu Trust solicit your support to help us scale up in our endeavor to spread knowledge and awareness. Please make your donation. No amount is too small as every drop is precious.

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#SangamTalks -5th April

RTI Initiative

1. RTI Basics.
2. Important RTI Provisions.
3. Important Rulings.

CategoriesSubjects Of RTI Application
ArchaeologyDwarka & Tamil Nadu Excavations.
Hindu TemplesTemples in UP / MP / J&K / Punjab / Haryana
Food SuppliesHalal food supplies in Railway / Army Cantonments / NCC camps
Border SecurityFencing On Bangladesh Border
Riot CompensationsCompensation given to Riot victims in UP / Haryana

Sarayu Trust Team

Col Ramakrishnan C M
Chief Functionary

Rahul Dewan

Subhash Dewan
Vice President

Arjun Singh

Khurkan Pathan
Video Editor

Seema Gupta
Project Co-Ordinator

Avinash Vasishth
Legal Associate

Mona Sharma
Content Writer

Bala Ramya Rohini
Event Co-Ordinator (Bengaluru)

Deepika Pathak
Event Co- Ordinator (New Delhi)

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