Saplings have been procured by Rahul.

Twenty Saplings have been planted in the vicinity of the pond on the JNU rd connecting Vasant Kunj and JNU. arrangements have been made to water them regularly. Let us see how many survive after four months. Hopefully these plants will prevent people from throwing.

Children were taken from the class room to the Sector A park where Mr Puran Chand demonsrated how saplings are to be  planted. All the kids watched the demo. They were explained about need for planting saplings in this season and time by Mr Nareshwar Prasad. Five of the children have taken saplings home. Later they confirmed having planted them. There is a demand for more saplings.

Srijan Foundation will support an NGO engaged in tree plantation activity in HimachalPradesh. A sum of Rs 6000/- has been earmarked for this purpose.


13 July 07

Visited the site near the pond.

Could locate 16 saplings.

10 are exposed to the sun throught the day and appear to be whithering. Six are under shade of trees and appear to be ok.


15 July 07

Visited Site .

Fourteen saplings have survived so far.


24 July 07

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  2. yousufIt’s a wonderful thing to teach your children charity — several parents have their kids donate old toys, books, clothes, school supplies etc to the needy. But make sure that they don’t consider those at the receiving end to be below them. Take them for a visit to an orphanage and take some gifts for the underprivileged. Teachyour kids to donate a small amount each month from their pocket money, and from their salaries when they grow up. Allow them to decide how much money to set aside and which needy person or institution they would like to help and in what manner. This will help them develop compassion, but it can also be a lesson in equality — one who has less than you deserves your kindness and goodwill, but is not less important than you.


    doners wanted for tree plantation in our town named bhusawal in jalgaon district maharashtra.

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