Additional Space for classes at Vasant Kunj

02 August 2007

Shri ML Guptaji, of 1263, Sector A, well known for his social activities has allowed us to hold classes for the children in the hall of his ground floor flat.

With over 40 children and 4 teachers we are at present very hard presed for space. Even though the RWA has been promising additional space it has not materialised so far. So this offer has come at an appropriate time.

The hall can accomodate 20 children comfortably. Mr Prasad and I took the children to see and show them the place. There is a nice photo of Sathya Sai in the room, also one of Krishna and Arjuna.

Mr Goel who has the keys to the room has promised to arrange for a white board for use.

Plan to shift about 15 children to that location from Monday.


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