Tree Plantation

This Blog of July from Rahul should have preceded. However am putting this up now to complete the gaps in the history of Tree Plantation.


I’ve resolved on Srijan Foundation’s behalf to plant 500 fruit andlocal variety trees this Monsoons in Delhi, to help compensate for the thousands of grand old trees being cut down for Metro and the the HSBS now.

We need to identify areas where such plantation can take place. I’m talking to some unemployed or partially employed people in the Vasant Kunj area, earning low remuneration per month, and offering them a fixed monthly fee for planting trees and watering them for the next
4-5 months till winters to ensure that they take root.

Some areas identified are:
– Aruna Asaf Ali marg: there is an ancient water body which is getting exposed to the road; and in general along the road wherever possible – plan to distribute 2-3 trees to each of the school student in the Vasant Kunj school we financially support; this would make the children aware, as well as, ensure their buy-in in planting and protecting those trees

Could you help identify land near your homes, which is lying idle or as waste under heaps of malba?

Could you help take the resolve of 500 to 1000 trees? 🙂


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