Right to Emergency Care

Right to Emergency Care:

Date Of Judgment: 23/02/2007. Case No.: Appeal (civil) 919 of 2007.

      The Supreme Court has ruled that all injured persons especially in the case of road traffic accidents, assaults, etc., when brought to ahospital /medical center, have to be offered first aid, stabilized andshifted to a higher center / government center if required.

     It is only after this that the hospital can demand payment or complete police formalities.

     In case you are a bystander and wish to help someone in an accident, please go ahead and do so.Your responsibility ends as soon as you leave the person at the hospital.

     The hospital bears the responsibility of informing the police, first aid,etc.
Please do inform your family and friends about these basic rights sothat we all know what to expect and what to do in the hour of need.

      Please not only go ahead and forward, use it too!

      I recd the above msg from Mr Watwani. It needs widest possible publicity. Most of all Hospitals and the Police must be made aware of the above order of the Supreme Court.


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  1. Ah i heard this news some time ago, but i was not sure.

    Thank you for clearing my doubt….this info will be helpful in difficult situations.

  2. So did this pass just this year? Is this a law that is now country wide, and well known by the public? Are hospitals prepared to take care of people? Are they complying with this law? We have a law in the united states called EMTALA which requires that people in emergency situations be at least stabilized by ANY hospital they go to. it’s such a safety net and important piece of legislation.

    i did some medical work in chiapas, mexico (the southern most state of mexico, and one with many indigenous people), and the hospitals in mexico can turn anyone away. A patient with a big bleed in his head was taken by truck from the hospital i worked at in chiapas (which didn’t have enough resources to treat him) to a bigger hospital with more technology, and he was TURNED AWAY. I cried hearing that story.

    This looks like a great move in the right direction. I’d love to read more about if you post more (or email me details).

    Cure This — http://www.curethis.org

  3. Dear Anjali,

    Laws are framed in public interest and passed. However implementation is a major problem in this country.
    Constant pressure is required to ensure implemetation. We are still in the first stage : informing the public. The second stage of Public demanding action as per laws is yet to happen.Action initiated against a defaulter hospital is yet a long way off.
    Will keep all informed of progress or otherwise.

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