There are still some good and honest persons in Delhi

Am placing an email from Mr Watwani.

 It makes for plesant reading reaffirms faith in the goodness of man.

Dear Friends,

    Luck & Good work  is unbeatable. That is what the saying goes. When it happens in your neighborhood, you feel very proud & happy mentioning to others. You will be thrilled to read  that ……

     On the morning of 06 Nov 07, one of our resident member Shri Shiv Goel returned from some meeting. When he reached near his home, he got a phone call at his mobile. He parked his Vehicle & he got busy in the Phone call with out realising that his PURSE containing huge amount in many thousands & some important documents have fallen near his parked car. He finished with phone Call & went home. After about an hour & half he again got ready for going for office. Moment he thought of transferring his purse from old Trouser to new, he realised that his Purse is missing. All efforts failed to trace it.

       Than came  phone call from Mr Yogesh Gupta of B-2/70  , Safdarjung Enclave . Apparently Yogesh’s father Shri J C Gupta a Sr Resident of B-2 Block when returning from morning walk in the colony Park, picked this purse & gave to his son for making efforts in returning to rightful owner. Fortunately there was Visiting Card of Mr Shiv Goel & when he asked if he has lost something, What a Surprise, what a Luck & what a relief for Shiv Goel. He got everything intact.

        Lets all Pray to God for a very long & healthy life to our Respected Shri J C Gupta. Such people are rare in today’s materialistic world. Lets pass this message to our friendly circle for this laudable work of Mr J C Gupta.


Phone numbers of Shri JC Gupta are available . welcome to ask.

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