Citizens Must be Proactive

     A message recd from Mr Watwani, of Safdarjung Developement Area. May be there is a lesson in it for all warring RWAs in Delhi.
     Why not dessiminate the phone numbers of civic authorities and municipal councillors so that citizens can ring ring them up when there is a problem in the colony.
     That is the only way to make them understand that citizens are not willing to accept non performance any more.

Dear Friends,

    Most of us use the District Park for Morning/Evening Walk. Even thousands of Sr Citizens & other Residents/Children do visit the park.     

     Lately it is observed that the Park’s Walk Ways are in Very Bad Condition & many a times I have seen Sr Citizens stumbling/falling on these walk ways. it can happen to any one of us & our family members. 

        I collected the Phone Numbers of DDA Horticulture Deptt’s Assistant Engineer & Jr Engineer & spoken to them. They say that these walk way could have been repaired long time back but for the Contractors un-cooperative attitude. Now the Contract has been awarded to new Contractors.

     As per contract requirement, Road Rollers will be run on the walk ways to Press the Protruded Stones to ground level before repairing it.     Though I have been  told/promised that work will start within next fortnight.

     However I request all of you  that lets  please phone to the following Officers so that work on the  Contract  start in time & we have a better walk way for all of us.

     Kindly also make use of the these under mentioned phone numbers in suggesting other good practical suggestions to these officers for the improvement of Park.


S L Watwani  

1.  Mr Tripal Singh Tomar, Assistant Director, DDA Horticulture Department – Mobile – 98108 99797        2. Mr  P K Jain,  Junior Engineer, DDA Horticulture Department – Mobile – 98182 51930 ( Also Daily Sits near Nursery Between 11-00 AM to 1-00 PM )

     PS:   1. I also suggest that for other pending issues of common interest, we pass on the information to other  residents in a similar way & by follow up by each one of us, results are bound to come at a faster rate.

     Please pass on this mail to your other known contacts of our area with similar request.

    2. I received a SMS from Mr Shailender Singh ( Monty), Our area Councilor informing that his New mobile number is 99586 93163. Please make a note of it if the information has not reached to you so far.

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