Asthma attack : Use of Hormones can be Fatal

     As I read the ‘letter to the editor’ of a news paper, HT,I could not but bow my head to Shri Pawan K Sharma of New Delhi.  

     Here is a man who has undergone a personal tragedy, and yet loves his fellow-men enough to warn them to be careful and not allow a blunder to be committed, a blunder that can have fatal consequences to some one nearest to you. 

     I am uploading the letter to the editor, HT, as a mark of acknowledgement and of course the warning the letter carries for those suffering from Asthma. Read his letter for yourself. 

Asthma attack 

          SANCHITA Sharma’s report Asthma alert (November 11), was comprehensive except it did not mention that it is fatal to administer hormones to women with asthma.

I recently lost my wife aged 39 to asthmatic respiratory cardiac arrest tiggered by hormone use. People usually don’t die of asthma unless there is an overriding cause. In my wife’s case, the gynaecologist blundered.

  I request you to share this information with your readers.

  Pawan K Sharma,

 New Delhi  

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