Punjab farmers rave about rent

Please read the complete story as appeared on 06 December in the Indian Express: http://www.indianexpress.com/story/247444.html.

How wonderful to see co-operatives covering some real ground and reaching out to farmers, eliminating or reducing their purchase requirements of expensive farm-equipment.

Also, in some ways, such sharing of machinery and equipment is a way towards ‘enlightened capitalism’, a form of capitalistic society which encourages sharing of equipment, thus reducing the need of families in owning non-critical goods, and rather have a shared pool of equipment which is used and returned to the pool – a co-operative.

This is certainly positive news. You may

It is Srijan Foundation’s goal to help form and facilitate such enlightened co-operatives in various sectors, across India. God willing, we shall be able to take some steps forward in this area. We had carried another story in a similar area earlier in our Blog. See: http://sarayutrust.org/2007/03/04/free-tractor-service-to-small-landowners/

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