Not Learning from History

     Unfortunately for India, since its  independence, it has not had a statesman at the helm  with a sense of history and the ability to derive practical lessons from it.

      A deep study of history and writing about it may make one a scholar of repute. Idealistic views, soft speeches, and apparent  magnanimity  may  make a person worthy of applause and adulation. But these are not the only qualities that go to make up a statesman.

     In fact these very qualities can mislead an impractical individual to assume incorrectly that his judgments on events and occurrences and their outcome are correct and final. Personal bias born out of own experiences, slanted advice and incorrect reading of events and their outcome can lead to disastrous errors.

     Noble intentions and idealistic views are not always reciprocated or reflected in international interactions and dealings. National interest is real politic. Persons at the helm can never afford to forget that in the real world every country has its own ethos and history, its own ideologies and compulsions.

        China has never concealed its territorial ambitions. Their national objectives have always been to stake claim on any part or even a complete country which at anytime in the past had been annexed to the Chinese Empire. Chinese have never let go of an opportunity to reiterate their claims, or invade and occupy areas claimed by them. They have occupied claimed areas by stealth, by forcible occupation or effective diplomacy. The Chinese occupation of Aksai Chin is a clear case of occupation by stealth. Chinese  occupation of Tibet was by effective diplomacy. 

     Pakistan has never concealed its objective to destroy India. Forcible occupation of Kashmir and support to terrorists as a state policy are clear indicators of its enduring animosity.

     India has suffered in the past, and is continuing to suffer at present in the absence of effective leadership that understands  the real meaning of history and the adverse results accruing from  failure to learn from it.

     We shall touch in due course touch up on areas that bedevil our present, in the international arena.

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