Malaysians of Indian Origin

Malaysians of Indian Origin 

     Better sense appears have prevailed on the Government of Malaysia. They have withdrawn the serious allegation of attempt to murder against 25 protesters who had been arrested and detained. The Prime minister has met a group of Indians and promised to look into their problems. 

     Clearly, the Malaysian Government has over reacted to the protest march by ethnic Indians who were only hoping to highlight their mounting anxiety and feelings of being reduced to second-class citizens in their own country.For Indians they may be of origin, they are Malaysians now having been born there even as their ancestors, extending to five generations.

     The extreme reactions of the Malaysian Government indicate a closed mind, and an inability to face any criticism of their biased behaviour towards citizens of Indian origin.

Malaysia has had a long period of peace, and homogeneity in its approach towards all its citizens.  

     The ‘Bhumiputra policy’ favouring Malays introduced subsequently has been carried to extremes resulting in the virtual exclusion of Indians and Chinese from access to education, jobs and business opportunities.  Added to this has been the identification of Malaysians of Indian ancestry as Hindus, destruction of temples and frowning up on their cultural and religious s activities.

     Such open discrimination which is the result of introduction of Wahabism among the Malays who are predominantly Muslim  was bound to generate a feeling of helplessness and desperation among Malays of Indian origin.  

     Unlike China, America or the European countries, Government of India has always been niggardly in supporting Indians abroad. Government of India has in the past and is at present  chary of even exhibiting any interest in the well being of Indians abroad. The rare exception was the flying out of Indians in Iraq before the Gulf war. Inder Gujral never got due credit for it.  

This must change now. The Government of India must be proactive where interests of Indians are concerned.

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