Motorists Harassed Again at Nehru Place

Motorists Harassed Again at Nehru Place

      In spite of our telephone call to the OSD’s office in the LG’s secretariat and the email to stop the harassment of poor motorists the Delhi traffic police were at it again.

      Yesterday afternoon was ‘raid time’ at the Nehru place. Scores of vehicles were towed away.  Sign Boards are there indicating the parking lots, parking attendants are there as in any other place. Cars are parked and parking slips are handed over the attendants, who collect the parcha and the charges when you leave. 

     What is the fault of the vehicle owner who parks at what appears to be a genuine and authorized parking place in Nehru Place?In case the traffic police knew it was not an authorized place why did they not put up sign boards?

     Why did they at all allow any one to organize parking lots? It is a TURF WAR between the Delhi Police and the MCD.  Why are innocent motorists being punished for no fault of theirs? 

     This is a clear case of high handedness of Delhi Police. This bullying of private motor vehicle owners must stop immediately. 

     Another interesting aspect.

      Why are the newspapers not highlighting this issue? What has been done to shut them up?

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