A Day of Fatwas

    A Day of Fatwas


 THE SHAHI Imam of the Jama Masjid here has issued a fatwa against Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam for violating Islamic laws after she endorsed her “friendship” with former CM Amarinder Singh. 

     Addressing a press meet on Wednesday, the clerics at the Jama Masjid, the regional headquarters of the Muslim Personal Law Board (Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh), said by staying at Singh’s residence in Patiala, Aroosa defied Islamic laws that proscribe married Muslim women from staying with any man except her husband.

     “Also there are no provisions for friendship between a married woman and a man. She is just trying to cover-up her unlawful relationship with Capt. Singh in guise of friendship which carries no meanings and significance in Islam as well as Sikh religion,” said Habibur Rahman Sahni, the Shahilmam. He also demanded that Aroosa be deported immediately.


      ANNOYED WITH a Kashmiri girl’s dance performance in Gulmarg, Deputy Chief Minister Muzzaffar Hussain Baig on Wednesday said girls from the state would not be allowed to do such shows on stage either in Jammu and Kashmir or anywhere else. Baig was at the snow festival in Gulmarg that has been organised to boost tourism at Christmas time, when he spoke his mind. “Our girls are not a source of entertainment,” he said after the dance performance during a programme to entertain the crowds.      Baig, who holds the tourism portfolio, was the chief guest at the event. This is the first time any government representative has come out with such a decree.

     Baig said Kashmiri girls need to be respected, not seen as a source of entertainment, neither in Kashmir nor outside the state. “Kashmiri girls are sent outside the state to take part in cultural shows. This should not happen, rather this practice should come to an end,” Baig said. He said girls dancing or performing in entertainment programmes is neither permitted in Kashmiri culture nor by “our religion” (Islam).

     Media reports also quoted him cit ing the last Dogra king, Maharaja Hari Singh. According to him, Maharaja Hari Singh was once angry with the king of Patiala, who allegedly made lewd comments on a woman Kashmiri artiste.

“The king was so angry that he did not permit the Maharaja of Patiala to visit the state,” media reports quoted him as telling the audience. He said art and artistes need to be re- spected and crude entertainment in the name of art should not be allowed.


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