Outrage as mob in Mumbai molests women

     Outrage as mob in Mumbai molests women

       It is with a sense of shock and disgust that we are placing this piece of news on the blog.

     Bombay was known as a cosmopolitan city with its citzens being among the best behaved, considerate and helpful. Women felt secure travelling by local trains, moving around even  at late hours.Not any more. We hear of more and more cases of women being molested. 

     Bombay police was known for its integrity and efficiency. They would compare themselves to the Scotland Yard. Alas things are diferent today. 

     Mumbai is changing. Have the people changed along with its name?  

Mumbaikar of today different from Bombayyia of yesteryears?

3 Jan 2008, 0113 hrs IST , Nitasha Natu , TNN

MUMBAI: Mumbai’s reputation of being a safe city for women has once again come under a cloud with two women being molested publicly by a mob on New Year’s eve in the heart of suburban Juhu. The incident has evoked outrage across all sections of the city with the police coming under criticism for failing to act swiftly against the culprits.

Mumbai police commissioner D N Jadhav on Wednesday received a dressing-down from deputy chief minister R R Patil for describing the incident as “just an offence” which was blown “out of proportion” by the media.

The victims and their partners were among a group of non-resident Indians who were visiting their hometown in Valsad (Gujarat) and had come to Mumbai especially to ring in the New Year. The Juhu police recorded a complaint of molestation and assault against 40 unidentified members of the mob more than 24 hours after the incident.

This despite the women being brought to the Juhu police station within minutes of the incident by traffic police inspector Amarjeet Singh.

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