‘Islam forbids botox’

      Muslims in Malaysia have been advised not to undergo Botox treatments as it is forbidden in Islam, a cleric has said

      Kuala Lumpur: Selangor Mufti Mohamad Tamyes Abdul Wahad said the National Fatwa Council had decided to list the beauty treatment as “haram” (forbidden) as it had more adverse effects than good, The Star newspaper reported. 

       He said those providing Botox treatments should stop offering such services. 

       The observations came after Fatimah Wan Chik, the wife of Malaysian lawmaker Suhaili Abdul Rahman, fell seriously ill last week after undergoing the beauty treatment. 

      “People like to do things that they shouldn’t. Do not go against religion for the sake of vanity. There are other ways and products that can make us look beautiful and we need not go against the fatwa,” Mufti Wahad said. 

     Source: IANS

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