Less Known Temples of Kerala: Arranmula, Udayanapuram,Kaduthuiruthi, Muzikulam, Mannar Salai


Arranmula: Presiding Deity : Partha Sarathy, with a separate small temple for Bala Bhadra (Balarama) within the temple precincts.

The Parthasarathi Temple (dedicated to Sree Krishna) on the banks of the holy river Pamba attracts large crowds of devotees. The famed Aranmula boat race is held on the last day of the week long Onam festival.

The Vijnana Kalavedi at Aranmula imparts training in the traditional arts like Kathakali, classical dances, classical music, as well as Kalaripayattu. Foreign tourists stay here for long periods to get a first hand knowledge of the culture of Kerala.

The Parthasarathi Temple here has fine murals from the 18th century.

Chengannur is the nearest railway station which is about 1O km away. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is about 115 km away.

The ritual of Arranmula Uthrattathi, begins in the Parthasarthy temple of Arranmula, with a lavish lunch offered to Arranmula Shri Krishna temple of Kerala.

The Folk-tale: This festival has a long history of water carnival organized every year known as Jalotsavams, also there is a story associated to it. The legends says that a Brahmin devotee used to offer rice to Arranmula temple, but on one such occasions he was attacked by rival men from other village and was rescued only by a Snake boat of his own village.

Snake Boat-race: The boat race commemorates the crossing of River Pamba by the Lord Partha Sarathy. All the snake boats in Kerala participate in the colourful ritual which really is a treat to the eyes.

This festival also celebrates the rescue of the Brahmin, by organizing Snake Boat race, which is the most amusing sight on a South India tour. This festival is also treated as a sport event thus it is open for people from all color, caste or creed. Lord Krishna is placed in all the boats that take part in this carnival. All boats are expected to reach their destination simultaneously.


Udayanapuram: Presiding Deity : Sri Subramania :

The Udayanapuram Subrahmanya Swamy Temple is situated in Kottayam District, just three kilometers north of Vaikom.

“It has a thick compound wall reminiscent of Vaikom Mahadeva Temple and in terms of structure it does resemble the Vaikom Mahadeva Temple. The karpagriha, the sanctum sanctorum  is a double storied square structure with a four feet tall idol of Lord Subrahmanya Swamy facing the east.  He is surrounded by sculptures of elephants, carved out of wood and Elephant yaalis supporting the superstructure.  The spacious namaskara mandapa is carved out of stone, with stone pillars with carvings of Sri Krishna Leela. The mandapam, balikalpura and srikoil are adomed with beautiful carvings and paintings. It signifies the periodicity of the temple.  One can observe the entire story of the Ramayana which has been graphically delineated on its four beams which are a connoisseurs delight.”

Once a year a decorated elephant carrying the Ulsava Moorthy from Vaikkom (Appan) meets the decorated elephant carrying the Ulsava Moorthy from Udayanapuram (Subramania) midway between the two temples. It signifies meeting of father and son. After the meeting when they part there is great sadness, even the elephants it is said, shed tears.


Vaikkom[1]: Presiding Deity Mahadeva also known as Vaikkathu Appan. The protest for allowing entry of untouchables was held here.

Kaduthuiruthi (kaduthuruthi):Presiding Deity Mahadeva

Ettumanoor: Presiding Deity Mahadeva (Aghora Murthy)

The temple at Ettumanoor is approx 12Km. north of Kottayam. It is famous for the exquisite samples of ancient murals and ‘Ezharaponnana’ or the 7 ½ elephants finished in gold. ( Seven grown up elephants and a young one decked beautifully take part in certain festivals)

Panthalam Presiding Deity: Dharma Shasta

Pathan Koil Karumbala: Presiding Deity: Bhagavathy: Rakhta Pushpanjali, Rakhta Chandanam are special here (3 km from Panthalam on Thiruvananthapuram highway)

Erumeli Presiding Deity: Dharma Shasta. Visited on the way to Sabari Mala. Wavar Sannidhi is also visited by all devotees. ‘Pettai Thullal’ is considered a must for all ‘Kanni Swamis’ before proceeding to Sabarimala.

Dakshina Mookambika Presiding Deity – SARASWATHY

A small but very beautiful temple with the Garbagriha situated in the center of a tank. The tank has lotuses and is a pleasant site. Even as in Mookambika in Karnataka, deity is prayed to as Saraswathy, Lakshmi and Parvathy. Children are brought here for Aksharabyasam (initiation in to studies).

The temple tank opposite could do with some renovation.

You can see a video on the temple at: http://video.webindia123.com/tourism/cochin/mookambika/index.htm

Mannar Salai :Mannarsala Nagaraja Temple Presiding Deity: Nagaraja :


Devotees pray for release from Sarpa Dosha. Mannarsala Nagaraja Temple is one of the most important centres of snake worship in Kerala, Sree Nagaraja temple is situated at Mannarsala near Haripad town, about 35 Km away from Alappuzha on the Alappuzha-Kollam route. Mannarsala Ayilyam is the famous Festival of this Temple. It is believed that by ‘Uruhi Kamizhthal’, which is placing a bell shaped vessel upside down as an offering to the deity, childless couples are blessed with children. The sacred turmeric paste of the temple is believed to cure leprosy. The eldest Female member of the Mannarsala Family Known as ‘Amma’ is performing Pujas in the temple.

Haripad: Presiding Deity: Subramanya.

Haripad is located north of Kollam and is home to the Subramanya temple. The other well known shrine dedicated to Subramanya in Kerala is at Udayanapuram. Also near Haripad is Mannarsala, where a serpent grove is held in great reverence.

This temple enshrines an imposing image of Subramanya said to have been worshipped by Parasurama himself. Much of the temple is a result of renovations carried out in the 20th century. www.zonkerala.com/

Chakkalathu Kavu Presiding Deity : Durga www.chakkulathukavutemple.org

AmbalaPuza: Presiding Deity : Sri Krishna

Payamel : Presiding Deity is Shatrugana (with Shanka , Chakra, Gadha and Padma)

Muzikulam: Presiding Deity is Lakshmana (with Shanka , Chakra, Gadha and Padma)
Muzikulam Temple is a shrine dedicated to Lakshmana, the brother of Lord Rama. It is located near Angamaly, in Ernakulam District. Muzikulam is 30 km from Irinjalakuda. Folklore is that Vakkey Kaimal, a local chieftain, once had a dream that idols of Lord Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrugana had washed up on the beach of the shore nearby. As per the advice of astrologers, these idols were installed at four temples: Lord Rama at Tripryar, Bharata at Irinjalakuda, Lakshmana at Muzikulam and Shatrugana at Payamel.

There is a belief that to worship at all four temples on the same day is beneficial.

. Sri Rudhiramahakali Kavu : presiding Deity Bhagavathy: Uttaralikavi Pooram is a major festival. Loc Wadakkanchery, Thrissur Dt

Tirupannithura Presiding Deity

Chengannur : Presiding Deities: SIVA, PARVATHY

[1] Karasuran worshipped lord shiva at Chidambaram and lord shiva gave him 3 lingams. He carried the 2 lingams in his left & right hand and held the thirdr below in his chin (Kazhuthu – tamil)
The lingam in his right hand was kept in Vaikkom – the lingam in between his chin n neck in Kaduthuruthi – and the third one in Ettumanoor.Vaikkom, Kaduthuruthi and Ettumanoor all lie in a straight line – Kaduthuruthi is middle – from kaduthuruthi
Vaikkom and Ettumanoor are at 15kms on opposite directions. (So its Karasuran – Aaasura prathistai). When shiva gave him the three lingams he asked sage Patanjali to follow karasuran-karasuran after the prathistai gave the puja to sage Patanjali – its believed that sage Patanjali worshipped all the three lingams in same day starting from Vaikkom, next kaduthuruthi and finally at Ettumanoor. If we have Darshan of all the three temples on same day it is considered auspicious. http://forsythpjones.blogspot.com/

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