Less Known Temples of Kerala Kadampuza,Nelluvai, Tripryar:


      Presiding Deity: Bhagavathy: Parvathy as Kirati. When Arjuna performed tapas for obtaining the Pasupata Astra, Siva and Parvathy presented themselves as a Kirata (hunter) and His wife. When challenged, Arjuna chose to fight Lord Siva without realisng who his opponent was. Arrows shot by Arjuna turned into flowers before they reached Siva. This was due to the presence of Parvathy at the spot along with Siva. Even today ‘Poomoodal’ is a major ritual in the temple. ‘Muttu Irakkal’: Devotees bring fresh coconuts that are broken in front of the deity for warding off specific problems.  Located in Malabar, two hours drive via Pattambi from Palghat.

Nelluvai: Nelluvai Sree Dhanvanthari Temple Presiding Deity: Sri Dhanvanthari

       Nelluvai Sree Dhanvanthari Temple is located East of Kunnamkulam enroute to Wadakkanchery – South of the road. Important Nelluvai Ekadasi in Dhanu (Suklapaksha) or Vaikunta Ekadasi. A special Prasad  offered here is made up of turmeric, pepper, curd and salt and it is used as a precious medicine. Those who are coming from Palghat should  turn to Pazhayannur from Alathur and to Thiruvilwamala, panjal and to South Ottupara (near Wadakkanchery ) and then via kundannur can visit this temple. Can approach via Erumaipatti also. 


Tripryar: : Presiding Deity : Sri Rama with Hanuman. 

Tripryar 1

     Rama without Sita  in the Garbha Griha commemorates the fact that  Rama was alone when came in quest of Sita.

       Devotees possessed of evil spirits throng to this place and the cure is miraculous due to the presence of Hanuman. He is supposed to be always running about the temple  chanting ‘Drishta Sita, Drishta Sita’.

Guruvayoor Presiding Deity: Mahavishnu popularly prayed to as Unni Krishna or Bala Krishna. ( www.guruvayurdevaswom.org)

Mammiyoor Presiding Deity: Mahadeva

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