Miracle baby feeds on mother’s milk

Miracle baby feeds on mother’s milk
AHMEDABAD: The miracle baby’s life is slowly but gradually getting on the track.

     The tiny bundle who is a fighter, having survived the dangerous fall from her mother’s womb on to the rocky railway track when she slipped through the toilet bowl as her mother delivered her in the train toilet, took small sips of her mother’s milk.  

         This is the first time she was introduced to food since her adventurous birth on Tuesday night. “Milk expressed from her mother’s breasts was fed to her through tubes. This is the first day she was fed her mother’s milk since her birth,” said attending paediatrician Dr Raj Kumar.        Doctors have put the baby girl on an elaborate antibiotic cover to protect her from any infections she may have got exposed due to her umbilical cord being yanked off and she getting abandoned on the tracks for some hours

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