Teachers intervene stop marriage of 12 years old girl

Teachers intervene stop marriage of 12 years old girl 

     In Tamil Nadu, in the village of Selliampalayam, a 12 years old girl, a student of class VII was to have been married off to a boy 11 years old, from a neighbouring village.Neither of these kids wanted to marry.  

       However parents insisted and the marriage was arranged.

       The day before the marriage the girl informed her friends who told their teachers. They informed a local NGO who got in touch with the police.

       The local police under a DSP rushed to the village and warned the parents on prohibition of child marriages and counselled the fathers and stopped the marriage.They have advised the parents to send the children back to school. 

       A good deed indeed. Teachers in the school, the NGO and the DSP R Bhaskaran deserve to be congradulated. 


      Can the police intervene and stop  child marriages in Rajasthan, UP or Bihar?

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