Tibet: Under Chinese Heels


     How can a few thousand simple unarmed God fearing souls withstand  a fully armed Imperialist China?  


      Imperial China throughout its history has always swamped conquered territory with Han Chinese till they formed the majority. They ensured the destruction of local language and culture.

      In Tibet of today Tibetians have been reduced to a minority, just a third of the population. Two thirds are Hans Chinese ‘resettled’ by the Chinese government.


      Teaching of Tibetian is prohibited. Only Chinese can be spoken in schools, and offices.

An extract from TOI

      Rebellion crushed? Over 1,000 Lhasa protesters in jail

Beijing: More than 1,000 people have either been caught by police or have turned themselves in after deadly unrest in the Tibetan capital Lhasa last month, state media said on Thursday.
   Lhasa police have seized over 800 “criminals” since the violent March 14 unrest in the city, the Tibet Commerce newspaper reported, citing the deputy chief of the Lhasa communist party, Wang Xiangming. This is nearly double a figure of 414 people caught by police reported by the state media earlier this week.
   In addition, more than 280 people had turned themselves in, Wang was quoted as saying, confirming a previous figure of 289.
   Trials will be carried out before May 1, a national holiday in China, the paper quoted him as saying   “An incident of a magnitude like the one on March 14 will not happen again,” the paper said.
   The March 14 violence came after days of peaceful protests in Lhasa against 57 years of Chinese rule and quickly spilled over into other parts of China inhabited by Tibetans.
   Exiled Tibetan leaders say 135 to 140 people have died in the Chinese crackdown on the demonstrations. China insists it has acted with restraint and killed no one, while blaming Tibetan rioters for the deaths of 20 people.
   The unrest, the worst to hit the Himalayan region in decades, has come at an awkward time for Beijing at it prepares to host the Summer Olympics, attracting the attention of the entire world.
   The region’s hardline Communist Party leader also ordered harsh punishment for local party officials found lacking in their commitment to Beijing’s official line, following the sometimes violent anti-government protests and the harsh crackdown that followed. AFP

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