Kolkata student Tops: Offers galore from US ‘Varsities

KOLKATA: From prestigious Princeton to MIT, city boy Rik Sengupta can pick and choose where he wants to study — for free. The South Pointer has bagged full scholarship seats at seven top universities in the US.

Princeton, the top ranking university in the US, has offered him a scholarship of $52,990 a year. His other scholarships have even more jaw-dropping amounts: Yale $53,764, Caltech $48,490, MIT $51,540, Williams College (1st among undergraduate liberal arts colleges) $50,390 and Amherst College $51,832.

“Rik has also won the Angier B Duke Memorial Merit Scholarship from Duke University, which is awarded to only two students worldwide. It includes a summer semester at Oxford and adds up to over $220,000,” said his proud father Jayanta.

The 18-year-old, who loves mathematics and physics as much as he does writing and music, wants to be an academic. After passing his higher secondary exams with an impressive score of 449, he opted not to take the IIT-JEE and WBJEE. Instead, he wants to focus on research with a “liberal arts education”.

“He has figured out that he can best follow his dreams in the US, because no institution in India would cater to his wide-ranging interests in science as well as the humanities,” Jayanta said. “USEFI tells us his achievement is unprecedented.”

Rik scored 2380 out of 2400 in the SAT Reasoning Test and 118/120 in TOEFL. “If a student tops SAT, he may receive offers from several top US varsities. Rik’s case is unique because he has received full scholarships from all top-notch US universities,” said Sunrit Mullick, regional officer and educational adviser, USEFI.

The whizkid is, however, modest about his achievement. “My application was very strong. They look for a good school record, extra-curricular accomplishments and teachers’ recommendations. Luckily, I could convince them about my choice of subjects,” Rik told TOI.

For the record, Rik chose Princeton.

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