1 thought on “Annual Activity Report 2015-2016”

  1. Air Vice Marshal K Ramesh Karnik

    Dear Team Srijan, I convey my sincere appreciation of all your activities in keeping with your vision “R & R I C”. I have some suggestion, in fact I write to all similar foundation, that is, the efforts and energies of all like minded foundations must be coordinated to synergyse efforts to achieve your vision which is formidable. All are working on same goals, but in isolation. Let me name some of the Foundations, -Infinity Foundation, Indic Collective, Prabhodan Manch Pune, Mangaluru Literary Foundation and so on. Secondly, collectively, you have to formulate your strategies to fight the Left, extreme left, the left supporting media, fight in the Judiciary, on the street and the Church in rural and tribal belts, as a matter of fact, all over India. This is the most difficult and challenging task. Since you are targeting young children, specially rural and tribal areas, you may kindly link up with RSS to obtain better results. I also request you to promote Hindi, but in a very tactful manner, such that slowly and steadily it spreads to all corners of India; in this effort, I admire Shri Sankrant Sanu. I suggest Hindi must be strengthened and enriched by borrowing from all Indian languages, reduce Arabic and Persian/Urdu/Hindustani content so as to make it acceptable to all Indians. It can also be re-named Bhasha Bharati! Well, I have shared some thoughts. I read all your posts on the YouTube, as I am living in Udupi and could attend only one lecture by Smt Maria Wirth. I have no website.
    Thanks and wish you all the best.

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