Abhedya Education Welfare Society

A desire to bridge the divide between Urban and Rural India to make India resurgent, unified and undaunted once again led Shri Amitabh Soni to give up his cushy government job in the U.K. and return to his roots in India to set up Abhedya Education Welfare Society.

Abhedya was founded in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in 2015. Abhedya’s vision of straddling the urban-rural disconnect by facilitating urban youth to interact with rural and tribal children and working together on evolving sustainable strategies of integrated development, has found resonance with many bright young students. Focussing on a blend of native and modern learning approaches to encourage rural talent, Abhedya nurtures sharp, eager rural and tribal students for local leadership and social work to facilitate grass root social change.

The organization not only works on providing educational coaching to rural children, especially girls and tribal children, but also addresses issues like exploitation of tribal people at the hands of employers, scarcity of water and electricity, alcoholism, sanitation, healthcare and religious conversion among others.

Driving grassroot level resolutions towards a responsible, participative and interdependent society, Abhedya organizes a host of activities involving local villagers, tribal people and youth. These activities include plantation drives by tribal school children; construction of localized reservoirs of water utilizing natural resources by villagers to address water scarcity issues; education treks and nature walks for tribal school children for appreciation of interconnectedness with Nature and environmental issues; skill development camps for tribal people and youth; village health camps; educational as well as financial support for students as well as organizing micro-loans to promote village level entrepreneurship and a host of other activities.

Sarayu Trust is committed to supporting Abhedya Welfare Education Society in empowering the Urban-Rural synergism to help resurrect and revitalize a strong, confident and self-reliant India from its urban cities to its villages.

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