Sarayu Foundation protects, preserves and promotes its indigenous traditions, cultures and values.

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About Us

Bharat is a testament to an illustrious cultural heritage, ancient wisdom, and remarkable scientific achievements. The civilization is regarded as Aryaveta, Devbhumi, and Punyabhumi by the seers who showed the path to achieving human excellence. Sarayu envisions Bharat as a nation-state that protects, preserves, and promotes its indigenous traditions, cultures, and values.

The Sarayu Foundation Trust was founded in the year 2007 with the aim of nurturing Indian Society and helping it regain its excellence and glory. Our organization is dedicated to serving the underprivileged, nurturing the Indian Knowledge Systems, and promoting Bhartiya Culture. Registered as a Trust under the Indian Trust Act of 1882, Sarayu reinforces its dedication to social responsibility and community welfare. In this amalgamation of ancient wisdom and modern governance, Sarayu is a beacon for cultural preservation and societal progress.

Our Mission

To see the rise of a civilisational Indian nation-state that constitutionally protects, preserves and promotes its indigenous traditions, cultures and values.

What We Do

In our multifaceted approach, we engage in thorough Documentation and Research, unraveling the intricacies of the Indian Knowledge System and reshaping India’s history from diverse perspectives. As a Think Tank, we contribute insightful analyses, examining regional cultural traditions, socio-histories, and rituals across India. Committed to social and cultural interventions, we actively participate in non-formal education, and skill development initiatives, particularly focusing on underprivileged children in urban, rural, and tribal areas. Furthermore, we utilize tools such as the Right to Information (RTI), petitions, and legal advocacy to champion causes that demand attention and justice. Recognizing the financial backbone required for civilizational causes, we support individuals and organizations running projects aligned with our mission, fostering initiatives that contribute to preserving and enhancing our cultural heritage.

Our History

The Sarayu Foundation Trust took its fledgling steps at the turn of this millennium as a small initiative with the intention of giving back to society in a meaningful way.

The aim was to empower children from lower economic backgrounds by providing them with Non-Formal Education in the after-school hours, to enable them to truly understand, assimilate and apply whatever they learnt in their mainstream schools in real life. With extremely limited resources at its disposal, the Foundation set up two after-schools in the villages of Kumarpara and Nadakhand in the Puri district of Odisha and one at the village of Kishangarh, New Delhi.

For over a decade, Sarayu Foundation reached out to lesser-privileged students and made a positive impact on

their lives. The school at Kishangarh in New Delhi, took on wings of its own, attracting students from surrounding villages as well. Little wonder then, that the happy students decided to name their favourite place, the ‘School of Happiness’!

Today, Sarayu Foundation also supports several grass-root Non-Profits working in the areas of Education and Community Empowerment and is also involved in making a positive impact in the areas of Forest Protection, Water Conservation

Our current projects are trageted towards rejuvenating the Indic Culture and Schools of Thought, impacting public discourse on Indian History and Civilization in the minds of Indians with respect to their own history and heritage.


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