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An enquiry into Halal Business Network: RTI Details

by Kartikey Mar 18th 2020

Our Sarayu RTI initiative on halal food network primarily meant to address two major concerns:

First, the ongoing institutionalisation of Halal food services without any reasonable checks and balances across the country both in government and non government sectors.

Second, violation of fundamental rights of Indian citizens (in particular of non muslims) due to the absence of informed consent from their side when halal food served to them.

In the light of all these above submissions we feel it necessary to make people aware about what are their rights regarding food services which they are entitled to enjoy and concerns which people need to take into account while consuming Halal food. It is quite disheartening to mention here that so far we have filed RTIs on Railway Department and Parliament Canteen asking them about the nature of food which they are serving to the consumers and how much information they are sharing with their consumers regarding the true nature of food which they are serving to them. And the answers which we have received are truly shocking, both these government departments have acknowledged on record that they are not providing any such information to the consumers.

Original annexures of RTI replies which we have received are as follows:

Annexure 1 : From Railway Department

Annexure 2 : From Parliamentary canteen.