Astha Hope School

In keeping with its vision of providing non-formal education to more and more children from the less fortunate segments of society to bring about tangible grass root change, Sarayu Trust has established another non-formal school called Astha Hope School in Rohini, New Delhi in May 2018.

Following the success of School Of Happiness, the flagship non-formal school established by Sarayu Trust, Astha Hope School is yet another earnest attempt towards bringing the light of education to lesser privileged children and motivating them towards building a better future for themselves. The school is based on the same model as School Of Happiness and follows an integrated and inclusive modality of educating children for their comprehensive, holistic and well-rounded development.

Like all big, inspirational stories, Astha Hope School too has had a small beginning. Within a year, however, the school has attracted bright and eager children from the neighbourhood, belonging to local as well as migrant communities. 

While most of the children are enrolled in government schools, some are not so fortunate. There are children of migrant workers and labourers who do not have the privilege of Aadhar Cards or bank accounts, and so cannot be admitted into schools. Then there are children, especially girls, who are deprived of education because they have to support their families by working as domestic helpers from a young age. These children have never been inside a classroom and have had no exposure to any form of education whatsoever.

Astha Hope School has brought a ray of hope into the young lives of these children by providing them foundational, non formal education and by stoking their natural curiosity and hunger to learn.

Sarayu Trust is committed to not only fueling, but also fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of these immensely talented children, by nurturing them into educated, fully developed and confident young men and women.

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