State of the Nation

Suicides: Farmers and others

Bengal, Maharashtra tops suicide tally: NCRB West Bengal: West Bengal and Maharashtra have retained the dubious distinction of having the highest number of suicides in the country, according to statistics available with National Crime Records Bureau. The provisional data for the year 2006 revealed that the total number of suicides in the country have increased …

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Poor Infrastructure At The Border

      India shares thousands of miles of unsettled  borders with its neighbours. It also has belligerent neighbours who who love to needle India continuously. They are aware of the absence of a National Security Policy in this country, and the weakness of the political class in statesmanship. Incursions have been taking place regularly and the government is …

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Questioning Orthodox Islamic thought

I’ve been having this interesting dialogue on a blog of someone I came across during an Open Source Software conference in Delhi. This person is from Kashmir, a good technologist I believe, a Muslim – although in my opinion he has rather orthodox views – and this is what the dialogue is about. It may …

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