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Dwarka Excavations: RTI Details

by Kartikey Mar 17th 2020

Why there is a need felt to file RTI on Dwaraka Excavation ?

Since Dwaraka excavation site is extremely important from both historical and civilization point of view for India, therefore to have a correct information from the government side on the current status of Dwaraka excavation is utmost important. And that can be deciphered by knowing about the expenditures made so far on the excavation and the progress made from the government side on the proposal made by senior archaeologist, SR Rao in this regard, because he is the only person who has first came out with a complete blueprint on the exploration of Dwaraka site. So keeping all these factors in consideration Srijan Foundation felt it appropriate to file RTI application in this regard.

What that RTI basically asks for?

The RTI application which is filed on the behalf of Srijan Foundation basically meant to seek the following information from the concerned authorities:

1. Current status of archaeological excavations at Dwaraka.

2. Government agencies and institutions involved in archaeological excavations at Dwaraka.

3. Place where antiquities are kept excavated from Dwaraka excavation site.

4. Status of proposal submitted by Archaeologist, SR Rao for the excavation of Dwarka.

5. Amount of funds allocated for the excavation of Dwaraka archaeological site so far.

What is the response received on that RTI application?

In response to our RTI application the answer which we have received from the concerned authorities made two shocking revelations, namely:

  1. That CSIR-NIO is not aware of the proposal submitted by Dr S.R. Rao.
  2. That CSIR-NIO utilized about Rs. 22 lakhs for underwater explorations of Dwarka.

These two revelations tells a lot about the lack of seriousness on the part of Indian Government regarding Dwaraka excavation. Infact, even the monetary amount which has been utilized so far by CSIR-NIO is just a drop in the ocean in terms of appreciating the historical and civilizational significance of Dwarka site. The vulnerability of the expenditure amount can be understood from the fact that the proposed plan of SR Rao on Dwarka Excavation requires a budget of 14 crores, which if put in contrast with the  present expenditure made by CSIR-NIO underlines the miserable state of affairs in terms of pursuing the archaeological excavation at Dwaraka site.

Original RTI Details Annexure: