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I am happy to share that Aarohan continues to spread the learning uninterruptedly. For the past 2 years it has been running under the leadership of three women from within the community, a volunteer Center coordinator, two others who lead skill training and after school verticals. I hope Srijan Foundation Team have been able to read our Annual Newsletter regarding the activities of Aarohan. Can't thank you enough for the continued support you have been providing for Aarohan, which till now has trained 140+ women in skills and has reached out to 300+ children with a nominal cost of INR 300 per head per month.

Honestly, its been a tough journey to continue to sustain Aarohan while preparing away from Delhi. And without Srijan foundation's support that covered 60% of our expenses, I couldn't have thought of this moment where both women and children are continuing to learn to this day. I hope your support for Aarohan would continue as we go further and the learning environment we have been trying to create in such vulnerable communities wouldn't stop.

Raghav Gajula Aarohan Learning Center, New Delhi
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