Indic Collective Trust

Indic Collective Trust – Asserting Indic Civilizational Ethos Through Democratic Means

Indic Collective Trust is a Chennai based registered trust of lawyers, intellectuals and activists committed to the renaissance of the Indian Civilization.

Indic Collective Trust advocates the right of the Indic way of life to survive and thrive, through constitutional and democratic means.

In an ideal democracy, there should not be a need for a body like the Indic Collective Trust where peace-loving citizens must come together to protect their right to survive by adhering to the way of life of their forefathers. Unfortunately, the space for the Indic way of life is shrinking rapidly, constricted from all sides by the unconstitutional and illegal encroachment of predatory ideologies. Even more disquieting is the absence of a professional and concerted response, well within the legal framework, from society at large.

Given the swiftly shrinking space for Indic thought, values and worldview, it became imperative for a citizen’s collective like the Indic Collective Trust to step in and step up the effort to a) advocate a cohesive and coordinated narrative highlighting the Indic perspective, b) actively pursue legal action in strategic cases and push for constitutional reforms, and c) provide Indic platforms to academicians, thinkers, activists, Indologists and public figures to contribute towards result-oriented actions.

Indic Collective

The broad areas that Indic Collective Trust covers in its scope of action are Freeing Hindu Temples from government control, deporting illegal immigrants who are a threat to national security and demographics, repealing archaic blasphemy laws that curb freedom of expression, illegal or fraudulent religious conversions of adherents of Indic faiths to non-Indic faiths, unjust and sectarian treatment of Indic educational institutions and bringing back our stolen idols and religious artefacts from foreign shores.

Sarayu Trust is committed to supporting the Indic Collective Trust as the latter is very closely aligned to the objectives and long-term goals of Sarayu Trust, viz Reclaiming, Rebuilding and Revitalizing the Indian Civilization.

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