Our Objectives

Until the lions tell their side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter ~ African Proverb

Generations of Indians have unwittingly suffered ignominy and degradation due to the insidious anti-national narrative fixed and controlled by left-dominated educational institutions in India.

Sarayu Trust aims to change the anti-national narrative of the leftist-Marxist historians and educationists by telling Indian history from the point of view of Indians themselves.  

Mission Statement:

Sarayu Trust is committed towards reclaiming, rebuilding and revitalizing Indian Civilization to be able to connect to the past positively and pass on the ideals of Unity and Nationhood to successive generations.

Key Objectives: –

Holistic Education For All-Around Development Of Children – Achieving this objective entails facilitating and supporting education through formal as well as non-formal methods for the overall holistic development of children into balanced, confident, self-guided and self-motivated citizens.

Sarayu Trust runs its flagship after-school, the School Of Happiness at Kishangarh in partnership with Deep Foundation, encompassing education and training related initiatives to equip lesser-privileged children with requisite life-skills, confidence and self-esteem to be able to make their mark in the world.

Empowering Indian Society Socially, Economically And Culturally Through Ownership Of Places Of Ancient Education And Worship – Achieving this goal entails empowering Indian society through financial support annually for social and economic upliftment of Indic society by running Schools, Hospitals, Orphanages, Ancient Education Learning Centres, Dairy Farms, Ayurvedic Medical Centres, Annadanams (Free Food) and most importantly, for stopping socio-religious discrimination and conversion.

Retelling The History Of India From The Perspective Of Indians – This is to be achieved by making curated as well as original content challenging the extant colonial or invader’s narrative and rebuilding an Indic narrative, accessible in all Indian languages. Making research and translations an institutionalized process is key to the achievement of this goal.

Sarayu Trust is already making headway towards achieving this goal with a pioneering enterprise like Sangam Talks (www.sangamtalks.org).

Spreading Indic spiritual ideas in India and across the world – This is to be achieved by making original and curated content expounding Indian spiritual wisdom in an authentic, non-partisan manner, available in all Indian languages. Facilitating research and translations with a methodical approach is the mainstay of achieving this goal.

Supporting Indic Non-Profit ventures for social upliftment – Achieving this objective entails identifying and supporting Indic ventures engaged in upliftment and empowerment of Children, Women, Socially Disadvantaged Sections and other Lower Economic Strata of Indian society across India.

Creating native forests and local water conservation systems – This is to be achieved by organizing community participatory activities like seed ball afforestation drives and water harvesting measures. Researching and reviving ancient and indigenous sustainable forestry and water conservation techniques is be the chief focus towards implementing this objective.

Supporting other Non-Profit Organisations working towards revitalizing Indian civilization – This goal is to be achieved by identifying and aiding Indic Non-Profit Organisations working in similar areas and broadly aligned with the objective of revitalizing the Indian nation and the Indian civilization as a whole.

Long Term Vision:

Sarayu Trust has envisioned a clear roadmap as to where it sees itself in the next decade.

Over the next decade Sarayu Trust aspires to:establish Indology / Indic Studies Chairs in national as well as international universities.

— Support PhD scholars in Indology / Indic Studies to encourage more and more researchers to take up Indic subjects.
— Establish itself as a significant Think Tank on issues related to Indology, Indian History and Civilization.
— Acquire institutional membership in Think Tanks to be able to guide and influence policy-making.
— Aid researchers and writers in acquiring materials and publishing monographs, research papers and books etc. to help them carry out original research on Indic subjects.
— Provide scholarships to students in schools and colleges run by Hindu institutions such as Gurukuls and Ved Pathshalas.
— Institutionalize traditional Indic knowledge in a structured manner and enable academic access to students and seekers across all ages, especially children and youth.

Sarayu Trust is a registered non-profit under the 12AA, Read with section 12 A of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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  1. History is always return from the perspective of winner unfortunately Indian is no exception and whenever we read our history we never feel proud about it every time we read that few invader with the help of our own brothers made a sleeve play it without owner I am new to double motherlandYours is a very good initiative please do spread this message and let us know how we can contribute contribution always does not mean monetary contribution spreading the word about your noble cause is also equally good

  2. Ravinder Singh Jamwal

    Srijan is doing a great job to bring truth of indian culture and ethos before the world which were distorted distorted leftist historians i wants to associate with you organisation

  3. Sir please change donation conditions
    It start from 5000 /- which is impossible to pay for general people.. Start from 50rupees to more
    Donar must feel free to donate…. Thank you for your selfless foundation we are with you sir

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