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Brhat Education Trust

Empowering Cultural Transformation: Our Support to Brhat

At Sarayu Foundation Trust, we are proud to contribute to the visionary initiative of Brhat, a Culture Engine dedicated to powering creativity, research, and design rooted in the rich tapestry of Indian civilization. Brhat acts as a catalyst, transforming individual, institutional, and collective intent into impactful action.


Brhat is a hub for creativity, generating visual and literary stories, employing design thinking and methods, producing research on education and ecology, and fostering culture-rooted thought models.


The organization curates heritage experience journeys, ensures cultural alignment in mass media, develops the National Education Policy (NEP)- relevant Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) curriculum, and integrates cultural perspectives into product design and thinking.


Brhat offers consultation services in NEP-IKS implementation, policy thinking related to education and ecology, and the development of organizational structures and leadership frameworks.

By financially supporting Brhat, we actively participate in the cultivation of a cultural renaissance, bridging the past with the future. Join us in championing this cause and making a lasting impact on the creative, educational, and ecological landscape rooted in India’s timeless civilization.