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Centre for Culture Studies

The Centre for Culture Studies led by Dr. Rinkoo Wadhera, an accomplished educationist, writer, and trainer, was founded with a commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering cultural understanding. Currently, the Centre is engaged in several impactful projects:

  • The Centre has been granted prestigious projects including the IKS Project, delving into the depths of the Indian Knowledge System for Human Culture and Civilization.
  • The “Vrindavan Traditions” initiative explores the cultural richness of this sacred town and its relations with the north-eastern states, with Manipur in focus.
  • The “Colonial History Project” meticulously examines socio-historical narratives. The Centre also conducts transformative training programs, covering diverse topics such as “Bharat as a Civilization”, “Gender and Indian Traditions”, and “Cultural Identity in India”.




Centre for Culture Studies

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