Indic Tales – Retelling the history of India from the perspective of Indians

Indic Tales is an initiative for disseminating the narrative about Indian history told from the Indian perspective. Indic Tales aims to break the dominant leftist narrative of Indian history written from the perspective of the invaders, whether Islamic or British.

Our history textbooks are replete with examples of glorification of the invaders, while our civilizational heroes who resisted and defeated the invading armies are sidelined, or worse, vilified. We are constantly reminded of our divisions, our diversity of language, caste, colour, creed, faith and so on, but never about the spiritual thread that binds India together as a civilizational and cultural nation. In fact, this ‘binding together of India as a civilizational nation by a common spiritual thread’ – the very raison d’etre of India, is played down extensively, while all manner of divisive socio-political and religious ills is attributed to the Indian civilization.

It is the ecosystem of these discrepancies, meticulously cultivated by the leftist-Marxist historians and educationists, fomented by colonial-missionary zeal down the decades, that Indic Tales seeks to challenge and counter and weed out.

Indic Tales is conceived as a platform documenting stories and articles on Indian history and civilization at one place for easy access. These stories, articles, tweets and other content are curated from various online sources and are reproduced here with due credits/permissions. Along with that, original articles and stories written specifically for Indic Tales are also published from time to time. Efforts are on to make Indic Tales content accessible in all Indian languages.

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    It’s great. One needs to lead in correcting Indian history which has been distorted beyond bound. Srijan is on the course.

  2. How can I help!? This cause is extremely close to my heart and I feel that I can contribute to the team and to the country by supporting this cause. Do let me know if I can assist you?

  3. This is one of my favourite Subjects and my mission in my life to bring the essence of True Indian – Sanatgsn Dharma, Let Western Society Know that- Bharath/ Indian Civilization is the Mother of All Civilizations.
    All Scientific Achievements of 17-20th Century were all based on Indian Texts and the knowledge stolen from India , with out Acknowledging the Source.

    We need to bring this knowledge back to our Education System. We have been trying to incorporate these invaluable scientific Wisdom, which the so called Pseudo Secular enemies of this great nation deprived us.

    Srijan is doing great service to our civilization.
    We would like to be part of this mission.

    We should force these in to our educational system.
    This is the right time to do so.
    Let us compile all the relevant document on this invaluable knowledge , preserve , patent and promote Scientific research. This knowledge must be preserved. All the wrongdoings should be corrected. Let the Bharath be a proud Nation on this planet.

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