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Sangam Talks

Sangam Talks is a YouTube platform operating as a Think Tank for documenting Indian Knowledge Systems and untold Indian history. Sangam Talks is a sincere effort to reclaim the narrative of Indian civilization from the influence of Orientalist historiography. We aim to revive the intellectual traditions of the past, fostering a positive connection for Indians with their historical roots. Operated on a non-profit basis, Sangam Talks is devoid of commercial interests, ensuring our content is exclusively dedicated to educational purposes. Scholars like Raj Vedam have dissected the Indian Civilization from an unexplored narrative and Anuj Dhar’s take on Subhash Chandra Bose has gathered immense interest among the masses. Sanjeev Sanyal’s efforts to reshape Indian history have left a lasting impact on the younger generation of Indians. Additionally, numerous speakers have delved into diverse subjects, contributing to the revival of intellectual consciousness among the Indian masses.






Our Impact

500 Eminent Speakers
51 Million Views
9 Million Hours Watch Time
1200 Subscribers Time Researched videos Researched
530 Subscribers Time Researched videos
10 Languages