Sangam Talks – Reclaiming Our Narratives

Sangam Talks is an earnest effort to reclaim the narrative about Indian history, civilization and culture from the clutches of leftist historians and educationists. Sangam Talks aims to break down the current discourse of distortion, to decolonize the Indian mind and to resurrect Indian civilization in true Indic spirit.

Sangam Talks is a series of talks by distinguished scholars and experts on important topics covering history, economics, Indian languages, education, culture, temples, dharma, traditions, gender issues and burning current topics. These topics are examined through an Indic or Dharmic lens with a view to re-establish an Indic narrative, revive the intellectual tradition of yore and rejuvenate Indian civilization so that Indians can connect to their past positively.

With over 12 million minutes of viewing and over a million views in less than two years, Sangam Talks has emerged as a significant initiator of change, providing a platform to discuss relevant historical, cultural, religious and socio-political issues and steering a paradigm shift in the minds of Indians so they can finally be free of their colonial burden and rediscover their identity from a fresh, healthy perspective.

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