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As a supporter of Vidyakshetra Gurukul, we are committed to reclaiming and re-establishing the lost education model of Bharat, making it relevant to today’s scenario. Our efforts focus on fostering new-age thinking without promoting materialism, encouraging children to embrace Bharatiya Sanskriti. This Bhartiya model of education is built on the following principles:

  • Samagrata – sustainable actions, words, and thoughts as per Dharma
  • Samanvaya – Integration between action (vyavahar) and spirituality (Paramartha)
  • Karma – What goes around comes around
  • Rina – Being conscious about the debt of purvajas, rishis, gods, and society.


The Gurukul engages in various activities, including academic subjects, agriculture, house construction, arts and crafts, yoga, pottery, carpentry, music, and dance.

Bharatiya Shiksha Model

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