Way of Dharma – Making Hinduism Missionary

Way of Dharma is a clarion call for spreading the light of Dharma and its traditions and teachings to all corners of the world with missionary zeal. Our goal is to make Hinduism missionary.

Today, Hinduism fights a lonely, asymmetric battle against predatory Christianity and Islam, both of whom seek to convert Hindus and other Indic Religionists to their respective faiths at any cost. The Indian Constitution further dis-incentivizes Indian Religionists, especially Hindus, by controlling funds of their temples and educational institutions, while giving a free hand to Islam and Christianity to have free control on running their places of worship and places of education.


At the micro level, Way of Dharma is an assertion of Dharma and Indic/dharmic identity to engage in the battle for civilizational continuity, employing the same rules that Christianity and Islam employ – of missionary proselytization and religious conversion. At the macro level, Way of Dharma is a humble attempt to expound the treasures of ancient Vedic spiritual wisdom that guide the seeker not only towards inner Self-Realization, but also towards more empowering, more inclusive ideas about God. As people around the world slowly begin to free themselves from the rigid dogma of closed, predatory creeds, Indic spiritual ideas of peace, harmony and oneness are the only plausible and lasting way forward.

Way of Dharma is created as a platform to compile stories, articles and videos on Indic religions, spirituality, philosophy and yoga under one roof. These stories, articles and videos are collated from various online sources and are reproduced here with due credits/permissions. Alongside, original articles and stories written specifically for Way of Dharma are also published. Way of Dharma content is also being translated in all Indian languages for wider reach and impact.

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  1. kapildevdixit

    What is the next step? Really like the idea of Hindu missionary. We need to target with strategy

    1. Agreed..But we need to also keep in mind that india still have castesim…If anyone wants to accept Vedic Religion…we should also need to take into consideration the idea of castesim as well..

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