RTI Summary Text


RTI is an effective tool to get access to information which is not easily available in the public domain. But it’s effectiveness can only be utilised when a person knows the correct procedure of filing RTI. And in filing RTI an applicant is supposed to come across several questions like:

  • How to draft RTI?
  • How to locate public authority who is answerable?
  • What is the difference in filing online and offline RTI?
  • What are the relevant provisions of the RTI Act that need to be mentioned in RTI?
  • What if the concerned public authority refuses to answer or sends an incorrect reply of the RTI?
  • What is the procedure of filing RTI appeals?

Sarayu RTI initiative is meant to address all these questions in detail and provide free of cost assistance to the applicants who are facing any problem in filing RTI. The given PPT is a preliminary demo underlying all those issues which will be addressed further in a detailed video (will be uploaded soon) explaining all the procedural and technical nitty-gritties involved in filing RTIs.     


Since the inception of  Sarayu Trust, we have been making headways in disseminating information in the public domain which is crucial in regaining our civilizational roots and strengthening Indic narrative. After the immense success of our Youtube channel, Sangam Talks, we are now looking to broaden our outreach in terms of channelising information in a more effective and authentic manner through our new RTI initiative.

Sarayu RTI initiative is primarily meant to focus on two things:

1. To make people aware about the procedural nuances of filing RTIs, and
2. To provide them a medium of assistance in filing RTIs on subjects relating to social, economic and political issues.

Through this initiative we are offering an open platform to all those who are willing to line up with our cause and have suggestions for us to access information on subjects which are beneficial for the larger public interest and can help in reclaiming back our civilizational roots. Kindly visit the suggestion box link given below to submit your responses.