Sarayu Foundation protects, preserves and promotes its indigenous traditions, cultures and values.

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Documentation & Research

Indian Knowledge System

Centre for Culture Studies

The Centre for Culture Studies led by Dr. Rinkoo Wadhera, an accomplished educationist, writer, and ...

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Sangam Talks

Sangam Talks is a YouTube platform operating as a Think Tank for documenting Indian Knowledge System...

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Social & Cultural Interventions

Legal Advocacy

RTI Project

Our platform is dedicated to championing societal and Hindu causes through a multifaceted approach e...

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Non-Formal Education

School of Happiness

The School runs holistic education programmes to empower the underprivileged children including V...

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Financial Support


As a supporter of Vidyakshetra Gurukul, we are committed to reclaiming and re-establishing the lost ...

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Aarsha Vidya Samajam

Aarsha Vidya Samajam Aarsha Vidya Samajam is a spiritual and educational institution for the fulfill...

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Brhat Education Trust

Empowering Cultural Transformation: Our Support to Brhat At Sarayu Foundation Trust, we are proud to...

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